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                                                                                                                                                                                                            Devoted to the collecting and accurate documentation of Carnival Glass

Welcome to the home of the Carnival Glass Society (UK) 

This UK based Society was formed by a small group of collectors in 1982 and has grown to have members in countries across the world. We are passionate about collecting, spreading awareness and appreciating the beauty of Carnival Glass. We encourage research into its history and circulate information through our publications.

Spring is in the air....... 

and what better indications of the coming of spring than flowers in bloom, trees in leaf, and birds tending their young. All of these are wonderfully encapsulated in Imperial's idyllic Homestead chop plates.


The CGS at the
2017 National Glass Fair

The CGS had a wonderful display of carnival glass at the National Glass Fair, Motorcycle Museum, (NEC),  Solihull on 12 November. A full report on the day appears in  Newsletter 161, but here are some tasters of the 125 pieces of glass that were displayed. 


And many thanks to all those members who turned up to support the event. 

Click on any photo for a closeup.......


Open House / Gathering

CGS members have been invited to an open house / gathering in West Sussex on 5 May 2018.

This is an excellent opportunity to see a wonderful carnival glass collection, to buy and sell carnival, and to socialise with like-minded CGS friends.

Further details about this event can be found on page 36 of our current Newsletter  (#161).

Newsletter 161 is out

CGS (UK) members will have received their Spring 2018 version of the Newsletter.

And it's a 40 page bumper edition. Click on Newsletter in the menu bar for further details.